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Finally, the NEW PokéFreak’s PokéMon Web Site is open! There have been many changes, like the fact that I got rid of all the sections of the site nobody ever went to. Now this is a very simple and basic site without a lot of mumbo-jumbo. I took the "Guest Book," "Message Board," and "Rumors" sections and combined them all into this new and exciting web site. Feel free to post ANYTHING about PokéMon here. You can also reply to what others have posted simply by clicking on the "Reply" button within one of the messages. Add new topics. Do anything you want with this site, as long as you keep it clean. No foul language. If you wish to contact me, you can do so at and please, NO SPAM! This site was intended to provide free information and communication about PokéMon. Please don’t abuse it.

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